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January 9, 2009

U.N. Supplying Hamas?

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Amid a U.N. shipment of “humanitarian aid” for the people of Gaza, inspectors found 38 pallets of military style uniforms:

Hidden in one of the emergency aid shipments supposed to go into the Gaza strip during the 3 hour lull in fighting, were 38 pallets of camo uniforms, green military sweaters and black fatigues. This is one of the emergency shipments intended to bring medical supplies and food to the people who need it so badly. Half the trucks brining the stuff in are UN. Half the trucks are private. I’m not certain which trucks were hauling the uniforms. They had been off loaded when I got there. The whole thing is under investigation.

38 pallets equals hundreds, if not thousands, of uniforms.

So, not only does the U.N. allow militants to use U.N. property to launch attacks, they are supplying uniforms (and who knows what else) to terrorists.

(h/t: The Jawa Report)

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January 6, 2009

Profiling Justified?

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Is profiling ideology justified? Take a look at the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist list:

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January 2, 2009

Stop the Jihadi Lefty Alliance

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Since I got back from SD I am still seeing double. When my eyes get better I am going to be blogging again soon. I might go to this but I think I am going to take care of some errands before. I guess we will see.
“Alert! Alert! Alert!
A Huge Anti Israel Rally
Tomorrow—Friday—January 2nd
In front of the Federal Building in Westwood LA, 11000 Wilshire Blvd., Westwood, Los Angeles
No matter where you live, please just send this message to your list and they can send it to their lists…
Please make it your utmost duty to attend!
For sure the muslims and their friends will be out in masses and we need to make sure that this time we outnumber them!
There will be over a thousand muslims and their friends protesters carrying signs that equate the national flag of Israeli to a Swastika, and calling for the elimination of the Jewish State and putting the Jews in ovens.
We need your presence, voices and please bring Israeli and American flags, loudspeakers and bullhorns! We MUST make our voices heard!
Israel is at war for its existence! The world is at full war against terror and terrorist.
Now is the best time ever for all pro-Israel Jews and Non-Jews to bring about a huge counter demonstration and get out the message of their support for Israel and for Democracy in general and against radical Islam and terror.
Now is the time for all those who have suffered from terrorism and radical Islam to come and fully support Israel.
This war Israel is now battling must trump any and all other obligations you may have, so please, we need your help! Please fulfill your duty to attend and help. This is our way of doing our Israeli Military Reserves activity for the Israeli people
(Again) Israel is losing the media war. We must all get up and get out making sure that Israel has a chance to battle the media war too.
Please forward to your network
Go to the Source: http://www.standwithus.com and ask for the signs
AGAIN: Regardless of where you live, please send this on to your e-mails list, thus creating on going “e-mail tree”
REMEMBER, WE DID IT IN THE PAST WE CAN DO IT AGAIN” You should go if you have the time and do not have to be someplace else. SD is like a third world country to me. I do not think I will be willing to go back any time soon. But it was nice to see my friends even though they are lefties.
I do not blame them I think the head of the department at the University they are studying at is great at propaganda and indoctrination, I just wish he had more sense. The lefty lies sound good if you do not know what they are really saying. I think they will wake up to the truth once they leave. I know I did.

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